Weight Loss

1:9 people in Singapore are diabetic and it is only getting worse. Thin people can be obese too. Visceral fat surrounds your primary organs such as your heart, liver, pancreas, stomach, and intestines and is responsible for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, fatty liver, gout hormonal issues, cancers and many other health conditions.

Most programmes help with weight loss, but the moment you stop the programme, you get weight rebound. This is usually because you lose muscle and water rather than achieving real fat loss. Our body transformation program is focussed on targeting the visceral fat. The more visceral fat you lose, the lower your risks for diseases mentioned above.

How to maintain fat loss?

Not through crash diets or restricted diet. As a naturopathic doctor and clinical nutritionist, I believe in holistic approach:  right nutrition and dietary habits, detoxification, appropriate exercise to fit your health and lifestyle and right supplementation.

How does the Programme Benefit Me?

  1. Controls blood sugar levels and carbohydrate craving
  2. Increases metabolism and helps burn fat
  3. With good blood results your doctor may reduce your drug dosage
  4. Better muscle formation
  5. Better eating habits
  6. Sustainable results that avoids rebound.
  7. Proven testimonials are available upon request during consultation.
  8. Anti-aging

Research has shown that aging slows down significantly and increases lifespan simply by lowering your caloric intake.

 Who is Suitable for this Body Composition Fat Loss Programme?

  • People who can’t lose weight despite trying many programmes
  • Those with medical problems like High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Fatty liver, Gout
  • Women with hormonal issues e.g. Hypothyroid, PCOS & Menopause, who find it difficult to lose weight
  • Those unable to exercise due to joint, spinal, back pain
  • Those suffering from obesity-related eczema and respiratory issues


Body transformation programme is available on instalment plan – contact us to find out more!